What's your ideal person?


In looks: Alternative style, Hair color doesnt matter as long as it’s clean (I have a few stickler things and hair is one of them, I wash my hair a lot.) I usually date lighter women, just a preference. Since I am a model and I’m very fashion orientated, they have to understand that sometimes I will see something designer and squeal really loud in the store making everyone look. A breathtaking smile, and/or a deep intellectual mind. If you’re intellectual and say something really inspiring and deep to me, I will want to kiss you. Eyes, any color. Eyes to see because seeing is important.

Personality: Someone who was something all of my past relationships were not. Someone who remembers my favorite things and my little quirks, who is understanding of who I am and my past, caring, patient, someone who won’t get mad at me when Im spiraling into anxiety thinking Im not good enough. Someone okay with my treating them like a Queen, giving them kisses, and buying them stuff, and me bragging about them 24/7. Someone nice, a cutiepatootie, slow to anger, someone who wont lay their hands on me in a mean way only a nice way.

And if you have a pet dragon, that’s a plus.


-takes homework out-

-rewards self with two hours of internet-

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